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Elliott Data Participates in the TIPS Program

Elliott supports local public schools and other government entities by participating in The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), as a member of the Identification Systems Group (ISG). The ISG has been […]

Customize Your Own ID Accessories!

Ugly Sweater Guy is displaying his employee ID card using a holiday themed lanyard! He also has a customized corporate lanyard, a hard protective case holder to use while out […]

Are You Looking for an All-Inclusive Campus Card Solution?

Ugly Sweater Guy uses his ID card to pay for snacks in the office. He may also use his ID to make copies, pay for lunch in the cafeteria, access […]

All I Want For Christmas is Event Tracking!

Ugly Sweater Guy is scanned in by the Events Coordinator at their organization’s holiday party to provide a head count for everyone who received their holiday gift and obtain an […]

Do You Have Access Control?

Ugly Sweater Guy uses his secure ID to access the building and join the holiday party! By swiping his prox card ID in front of the door reader, the door […]

‘Tis the Season for Logical Access

Ugly Sweater Guy uses a digital credential to access his computer and then performs two factor authentication using his smart phone to identify himself before accessing the company’s network. Learn more!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time to Upgrade to Stylish ID Cards!

Elliott Data Open House

Elliott’s Open House event was a success despite the cold and rainy weather! Visitors ventured outside to select lunch from the Classic Red Hot’s Stand, tried their luck at Teri’s […]