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Secure Your Organization & Leave a Lasting Impression

Organizations across the country are personalizing their ID cards using unique tactile designs to enhance security. A tactile impression is fused into the card laminate as each card is printed […]

Access Control Final Exam

Access Control Final Exam By Michael Fickes September 1st, 2016 Here’s an article that describes a campus security breach at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). It’s this type […]

A Financial Instant Issuance & EMV Solution Success Story

A well-established Missouri bank known for their reputation as a leading edge financial institution, wanted to decrease turnaround time for new, lost or compromised debit cards issued and increase card […]

Don’t Get Blindsided by Advancing Technology

With Windows 10 operating systems in place, regular version upgrades being implemented, and printer end of life announcements the compatibility and life of your identification system may be threatened by bugs and […]

How Important are EMV Chip Cards?

HOW IMPORTANT ARE EMV CHIP CARDS? EMV is the global standard for processing secure card transactions. They are used in over 80 countries. EMV chip cards provide greater security than […]

Contract with The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)

Did you know? Elliott Data Systems, as a member/ID systems integrator of the ISG, is a local TIPS provider If your organization requires a TIPS provider for new system […]

Elliott Thanks EducationPlus for a Great Opportunity

The team at Elliott wants to thank Education Plus for allowing us to support the METC 2016 Conference again this year by participating in producing event IDs to staff and […]