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Morristown issues municipal ID cards for residents

Morristown is the latest town in New Jersey to issue municipal identification cards for residents. Click here to see the complete article. For a video explaining how these cards will be used […]

Stepping Up School Security

The idea of trying to keep students, faculty, staff and all of their sensitive information safe, can seem like an overwhelming and impossible task. And while, it may not be […]

Current Trends in Identification Security

One of the biggest obstacles to organizations is determining the best way to protect their assets. Enterprises should consider both physical and logical security when they determine what applications would […]

Moving Toward a Mobile-First World

Recent studies have shown a dramatic uptick in becoming a mobile-first world. This trend has spread into the workplace, therefore creating a need for operational efficiency and mobile access control. […]

Top 10 Reasons to Embrace Mobile Access Control

Mobile Access Control is an efficient, safe and reliable way to protect your physical and data security. There are now over 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world today, and […]

Cyber Security, Cryptography, Secret Handshakes are not just for spies anymore…

The recent global cyber attack demonstrates how vulnerable many organizations are to the ongoing cyber security challenges today. Patrick Woods, Missouri Highway Patrol CISO spoke at Elliott’s recent “Security Technology […]

Security Technology can Diffuse Organization’s Domestic Violence Threat

Security Technology can Diffuse Organization’s Domestic Violence Threat Elliott Data Systems recently hosted a “Security Technology Summit” event consisting of industry speakers sharing knowledge on various security issues confronting organizations […]

4 Ways to Improve School Visitor Management

Campus Safety Magazine 4 Ways to Improve School Visitor Management By Eric Schaeffer June 22, 2016 The right policies, building design, and electronic security solutions can overcome many of the […]